Salt and Light

Currently residing in Graham, North Carolina, Salt and Light is an all-sibling Bluegrass band from a family of ten, ranging in age from 22 to 11 years old. Parker, a multi-instrumentalist whose main instrument is the banjo, may also be seen playing the guitar; Daniel holds down the fiddle spot; Morgan plays the guitar; Kyndal plays mandolin; Garrett plays bass; and Norah, who also plays fiddle. All six band members are vocalists, and take turns sharing both lead and harmony parts.

Salt and Light has played for audiences in Theaters, Fairgrounds, Civic centers, Festivals, Parks and Churches in multiple states and several Canadian provinces since they began performing in May 2014. They have also recorded and released two albums. Their second album titled "Second Course" features eight of the band's original songs, showcasing their rapidly maturing songwriting abilities. In 2017, Salt and Light was chosen as an official Showcase Artist by the IBMA.

Salt and Light have many mentors in both the Bluegrass community and beyond enabling them to derive their own, energetic brand of Bluegrass music, that is also heavily influenced by aspects of Celtic music. In the music business, it is commonly said that a band has to either create or copy, and Salt and Light has chosen to create. Incorporating solid instrumentation and making good use of sibling harmonies that family bands have long been known for, they are highly entertaining and please audiences wherever they go. They have derived a unique sound of high-energy Grass, or "Green-Grass" as they like to call it, that we know you will enjoy. Salt and Light is a band that can entertain and perform for any audience across North America.

Salt and Light is all about family, faith, and the music they love, and they wish to encourage others with the abilities God has given them. They are very thankful to the Lord for their musical journey and endeavor to be pleasing to Him in their daily lives.

  At Parker is a very talented musician, blessed with the gift to understand an instrument's sound at his touch. He was introduced to playing music at seven years of age, when his parents arranged for him to take piano lessons. At fourteen, he was introduced to the guitar by his dad, and discovered his love for string instruments. After two years of playing the guitar, Parker began to learn to play additional instruments, learning the mandolin, bass, and banjo. He found the banjo to be his favorite, and it has become his main instrument in the band. Through his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, he adds versatility to the band's performances when he will occasionally play guitar. He also sings lead and harmony vocals.
   Aside from playing music, Parker is in his senior year at Liberty University. He can also be found teaching music with his friend and former Clinch Mtn. Boy Dewey Brown at Dewey's music store, lifting weights, reading, and being with his family.

   "We must strongly feel to make others feel" is one Daniel's favorite quotes, and he is certainly living up to it! He began his love for music by accompanying Parker with piano lessons, but he too preferred an instrument with strings. He started with guitar, then mandolin, before discovering his pride and joy: the fiddle. Highly energetic in his playing, Daniel pours his heart and soul into his instrument, creating a feel that adds strong power to the band's music. He can also be heard singing lead and bass in the band's vocal work. His goal is to show others what music can do to the soul through his passion and confidence in Beethoven's belief: "We can change the world through music."   
When Daniel isn't playing music, he is busy continuing his studies through online college, and you'll often find him studying classical or rock music, reading history, or studying the world of Tolkien's Middle-earth.

   Like her older brothers, Morgan began her musical love with piano lessons, and also later joined them in the pursuit of stringed instruments. As soon as she began to learn the guitar she became hooked on it. Influenced by a wide range of guitarists throughout the musical world, her goal is to create a unique style of guitar playing. She also lends her unique voice to the band, singing both lead and harmony vocals often. Music is a strong emotion to her, as can be seen by her interaction with both the audience and the band on stage. To see a person smile or to be touched by the band's songs are all she needs to keep going.
Morgan enjoys writing and is currently in the process of publishing her original series, The Aristel Chronicles. She also enjoys crocheting, knitting, being with family, and reading a good book.

Blessed with the gift of an amazing voice, Kyndal is the band's powerhouse singer. She possesses a vocal maturity and control beyond her age, and pours her soul into her voice to captivate the listener into the heart of the song. She began playing mandolin at the age of ten. Her solid mandolin playing adds fullness to the rhythm, and her great sense of timing also helps to keep the band together. Kyndal's main musical goal is to make the audience feel her emotions through her singing.
When Kyndal is not singing or playing, she can be found drawing or curled up in a chair reading a good book.

   Nicknamed "Thumper", Garrett adds a strong element of entertainment to the band. At age eight, when he saw his older siblings all playing instruments, and the enjoyment that they received from playing, he decided to attack the only one that wasn't taken: the bass. It didn't take him long to catch on, and soon the band's full sound was complete. Now he plays like a pro, greatly inspired by his all-time favorite bass player, Jason Moore. Garrett keeps a solid rhythm for the band and adds his own unique, tasteful ideas to his bass playing. He also lends his voice, singing both lead and harmony in the band. His constant smiles and sense of humor at the band's shows makes it easy to fall in love with him and give the performances a relaxed, family feel for the audience.
When he isn't "thumping", Garrett can be found hanging out with his family, or reading survival books. His siblings like to tease that he'll need them!

   Like Garrett, Norah also saw the enjoyment her brothers and sisters were receiving from their musical pursuits, and at the age of eight, surprised her siblings by readily announcing that she was going to pursue the fiddle. Learning quickly from both Parker and Daniel, she soon began to make guest appearances on stage, both playing fiddle tunes and singing. Now she is strong addition to the band, playing twin fiddles with Daniel and lending her warm alto voice to sing both lead and harmony. She also helps at the band's merchandise table, and her beautiful smile that she freely gives is highly contagious to everyone she meets.
Besides fiddling and singing, Norah enjoys being with her family and playing with her younger brother and sister; as well as reading historical fiction books.